Love a Greasy American Burger? Then you’re in Luck- Carl’s Jr has Finally hit Tokyo!

  • Japan is the welcome recipient of overseas chains – from the popcorn craze of Garretts popcorn and the myriad of pancake options – Bills, Slappy Cakes, Sarabeth’s to name a few. Now comes the latest in the burger invasion. Hot on the heels of the Shake Shack opening in Gaienmae, comes the newest entry in the Tokyo burger wars – Carls Junior!

    This ubiquitous chain is literally everywhere in the US. From strip malls, roadside rest stops to ballparks, it definitely is a well-known American chain. Not as huge as it’s counterparts namely Five Guys and In-N-Out burgers, but pretty close. Fittingly, it has opened up in Akihabara, ‘the otaku zone’ where fast food and convenience is always welcome.

    Opening Day

    The chain opened on March 4, 2016, to a large line of eager customers – it helped that they were giving out 1 year of free burgers to the first 50 guests! The opening was complete with the company’s mascot Happy Star entertaining the crowd and some free goodies (beanie hats, etc), with some guests waiting up to 3-4 hours just to get to the front counter.


    The Japanese menu includes their thick burgers – which in Tokyo is custom made to order and yes, even Lettuce wrap for those that do not want to have bread and prefer the gluten free option instead. The favorite of BBQ chicken Western Bacon, Guacamole, Original, Mushroom, Hawaiian Teriyaki can all be found on their list of burgers for sale. Their milkshakes are also hand scooped and made to order. Menu items start at 400 yen and are definitely worth a trip out to taste.

    Luckily they are open from 8 am – 9 pm and serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. There are also refillable drink stations and free wi-fi! So come to Akihabara when you get a chance and give this place a try. Itadakimasu!

    Carl’s Jr Website*Japanese Only


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