Have You Seen Kit Kat Japan’s Special Flavor for Easter?

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  • There is not one country that loves Kit Kats as much as Japan. From the well-known flavors of matcha and chocolate to the stranger concoctions of chili, wine, and even sake, now comes holiday flavored Kit Kats. From time to time the Nestle company releases themed Kit Kat’s, sometimes in collectible packages (see the recent I Heart Tea release or even their “I Heart Fruits” version), but it is even more rare to find certain holidays being represented. Now comes something just for Easter – pancake Kit Kats!

    Pancake Flavored Kit Kats

    Having lived in Japan for a few years now, the last holiday themed Kit Kat I have encountered was the pumpkin flavor that they rolled out during Halloween. That seemed appropriate, however, pancakes and Easter? They prove so randomly unique that a package (as of the time of writing this article) was selling for up to $9.00 USD or approximately 1014 yen on eBay alone.

    Of note, there has been a similar attempt in the past to release a hotcake version but it was tied into a promotion for their beloved Rilakkuma, a super popular bear character with a whole line devoted to his cuteness. This is the first time, however, that they have tried to link it to Easter.

    Now, I personally have not been able to find a package as of yet, though friends that have tried it do say that it really does convey a pancake flavor. The company released this confection in February 2016 and it comes with 13 individual packages per bag. The bars themselves have different easter themed designs appropriately packaged in a super cute pastel easter eggs and pancake bunny rabbit exterior. For those looking, these can be found in local convenience stores and not only at the Kit Kat chocolatory boutique stores.

    Pancake Mania

    Though really this should not come as a surprise as there has been a pancake invasion in Japan notably with Slappy Cakes, Bills, Sarabeth and even the Original Pancake House with lines out the door for their yummy cakes. Thus, the mashing up two of Japan’s foodie obsessions should really result in a match made in heaven. So if you see a bag, do yourself a favor and give it a try. Would love to hear what you think of the combo.

    Itadakimasu and Happy Easter!

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