For Shopping and Entertainment, Odaiba Has it All!

  • Looking for a place to add in your Japan itinerary this coming vacation? Odaiba has it all.

    Located in Tokyo, Odaiba has become very popular among tourists for its shopping malls and various entertainments. Unlike the busy streets of Shinjuku and Shibuya, Odaiba is compared to a magnanimous entertainment park with the Tokyo Bay as its background. With a touch of western influence in some of its entertainment, it is like going to some places in Europe and America in one small town yet still being able to experience the Japanese culture.

    Rainbow bridge

    Upon entrance, you will be greeted by the scenic Rainbow bridge hovering like a rainbow over Tokyo Bay. It is 1.7 kilometers stretch and can be foot on its walkways for free. Enjoy the view of the boats sailing around the bay, or enjoy the city’s view. You can also see Mt. Fuji from a distance. But if your stay in Tokyo is limited, forget the walkway and view the bridge from a distance and you will see a very postcard-perfect scenery.

    Rainbow bridge at night. It is illuminated from sundown till midnight for leisure.

    Shopping malls

    Rainbow bridge is just the entrance, you have yet to see the shopping malls. The great thing about Odaiba’s shopping malls is that you can foot it from one mall to another since they are closely situated. Aside from numerous shops and stores, they are filled with entertainment. Take for example the Venus Fort, its ambiance alone is perfect for ‘selfies’. It is styled in 18th century European town giving you a taste of the continent.

    Indoor activities

    But do not visit Odaiba just for shopping. Try the indoor activities as well. The Leisureland houses various entertainment such as bowling, hunted house, slot machines, bowling and a lot more. Odaiba also has one of the largest ferris wheel in the world. The 115 meters tall ferris wheel is a 15 minutes ride that offers you the view of the entire Tokyo bay.

    Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum

    Can you tell me who is real and who is not? The one on the right is the real one, President Obama is a wax statue in Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum.
    The Madame Tussauds wax museum located at the Decks mall features real like wax statues of famous celebrities and personalities. Staring at them will put you in a trance. They are very real-like! The face looks very real, their body and the facial expressions are full of life!

    Aside from the wax museum, the mall also houses the trick art museum, Legoland Discovery Center and Tokyo Joypolis.


    For lunch, try the Ramen museum at the fifth floor of Aquacity Mall (it is located beside Decks mall). The ramen museum is said to showcase the various kinds of ramen all over Japan.


    At night, be amazed watching a giant Gundam come into life in Diver’s City Mall.

    Ooedo Onsen Monogatari

    After you have watched the Gundam gigantic Robot come to life, relax in Ooedo Onsen Monogatari. There is a big discount in the entrance fee if you visit the place after 6 pm. Aside from the Onsen, the spa also serves delicious Japanese cuisine.

    Visiting Odaiba for a day may not be enough. With the numerous stores for shopping, the various tourists attractions and entertainment centers, a day is never enough. The great thing about visiting Odaiba is that everything is in there. You would not have to hop from one town to another in search for an attraction. All you have to do is hop from one mall to another.


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