Osaka Castle, Korea Town and More! A DIY Tour of Osaka Loop Line’s Exciting Locations

  • Did you know that some people prefer to go on DIY train tours? They ride one train line and go to attractions near the stations connected to the line. In Osaka, one line that visitors can consider hopping onto is the JR Osaka Loop Line. Operated by JR West, the Kanjo-sen (Osaka loop line) circles 19 stations in central Osaka, both running clockwise and counter-clockwise. It is one of the major railway lines in Osaka and it runs around the metropolitan, which is filled with tourist attractions. Here are the three top destinations you can hop off to from the Osaka Loop Line!

    From Osaka Station: Umeda Sky Building

    Welcome to your first Osaka Loop Line clockwise stop. These two 40-story towers, considered as one of the top 20 buildings in the world, are impossible to miss once you arrive in Umeda Business District. Considered as the landmark for the district, the two main towers are connected by a Floating Garden Observatory located on the 39th floor. You can also visit the conservatory for only ¥700. Feeling hungry from all the views from the top? Head on over to Takimi Koji Gourmet Street found in the basement. You can enjoy different restaurants in the midst of a great 1920s ambience.

    Osaka Station Access

    Umeda Sky Building Access

    From Osakajo-koen Station: Osaka Castle Park

    As the name literally translates, visitors will find themselves in Osaka Castle Park a few steps away from the Osakajo-koen Station, the fourth stop in the clockwise Osaka line loop. The castle is considered Osaka’s most important historical location, flowing with history in each corner. Aside from the long walks and sightseeing the visitors can do within the castle grounds, the castle also features a museum where you can learn all about the history of Osaka Castle and the life of Hideyoshi Toyotomi, who first built the breathtaking castle. The entrance fee for the museum is ¥600, with a free audio tour device. Definitely a must-do in Osaka.

    Osaka-jo Koen Station Access

    Osaka Castle Access

    From Tsuruhashi station: Tsuruhashi Korea Town

    Emerging from the Osaka loop line for your 8th stop, you might forget that you are in Japan. A taste of Korea in Osaka? Why not? Tsuruhashi’s Korea Town is home to many Koreans living in Japan. It also where you can undeniably find the best Korean cuisine in Osaka. If you suddenly have a hankering for Korean food, you are in the right place with small establishments serving authentic dishes including kimchi and Korean BBQ.

    Tsuruhashi Station Access

    Korea Town Access

    Food, culture and sight-seeing. If you want to experience these three the easy way, hop on to the Osaka Loop Line and visit the three locations mentioned here! While you’re at it, why not try to go at each stop and experience what Osaka is really like?

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