Tired From Your Flight Into Tokyo? Take a Relaxing Dip at This 24-Hour Onsen Near Haneda Airport!

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  • Many people coming to Japan experience arriving at an undesirable time like late at night or sometimes in the very early hours of the morning. Aside from the long flight that you’ve had, the first thing you would probably do is go straight to your hotel to get a nice long rest to regain energy for the next day.

    Luckily, Haneda International Airport has been gaining a number of flights making the commute easier to the city center of Tokyo. And even if you do arrive late at night, there’s a place where you can stay and relax until the next day without having to go to a hotel. Check out how at the Natural Hot Spring Heiwajima!

    Natural Hot Spring Heiwajima

    This place, with its calming name (‘heiwa’ means peace), is available for you to stay at and relax after your long flight. It is at a 24-hour onsen (温泉) or hot spring called Natural Hot Spring Heiwajima located in Ota Ward. Many visitors to Japan wouldn’t want to miss the opportunity to go to an onsen and this is one great way to do so for those coming over.

    The Natural Hot Spring Heiwajima is gaining popularity with visitors to Japan who are arriving on late night flights and one of the reasons is because of the convenience it brings along with its direct courtesy bus service. The bus trip takes about 15 minutes from the airport to the onsen and since October 2015, international airlines have been selling onsen visit packages to passengers arriving on late night flights.

    Facilities and Prices

    The onsen is supplied with natural hot spring water, making it a great experience for any visitor to just soak and relax their strained muscles. There is also a jacuzzi bath available and other body care services such as massages and foot rubs and also a relaxation area with reclining seats for those who want to take a nap. Visitors to the Onsen can stay up until 2:00 pm making it a great alternative to staying at a hotel.

    The fee for those coming to Natural Hot Spring Heiwajima late at night is ¥3500 which includes the bus service, the use of the onsen bath, breakfast and the also the use of the different facilities available. The body care services, though,have separate fees so be sure to look out for those.

    Dropping by the Natural Hot Spring Heiwajima is a good way for those coming to Tokyo to experience Japanese onsen straight away after their flights to ease those muscle pains and strains. The onsen’s website is also in English so it’s easy to navigate and look around for more information. So if you’re coming to Tokyo late at night, here’s a great alternative to a hotel which I’m sure most people would love to try out!

    Natural Hot Spring Heiwajima

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