Capture Your Samurai Side at the Samurai Studio This April!

  • Samurais may seem to be a thing of the past if you consider how long it has been since the era of their prime in Japan. But even in this modern age, there are still some people who would like to bring the past to the present. One of the fascinating elements of Japan in the old days were the samurais along with ronin and ninjas and many admire the aesthetics of these unique groups of people.

    If you are one of the people who wants to experience the beauty of the samurai era, well you’re in luck! Coming back very soon is a studio that will let you have the experience of putting on samurai armor and capturing that samurai side of you!

    Samurai Studio

    In November of 2015, Samurai Studio took the opportunity to bring back the feel of wearing samurai armor to many customers who were interested in the old era samurais. With the quality of the armor and the professionalism of the shots, your photo will surely come out showing your cool samurai side.

    From April 1st to 14th, 2016, Samurai Studio will be opening in Shinjuku at Studio Squint and will be bringing in different armor designs which customers can choose from.

    The first design is the Bushou Model (武将モデル) which consists of the Sanada Yukimura Model, a reddish armor design with the actual armor modified in black, the Date Masamune Model, with the crescent moon placed on the helmet and the Black Dreaded Type, which is the armor that was commonly used in the Muromachi Era.

    The second design is the Ooyoroi Model (大鎧モデル) which was the design used in the Kamakura Era. The armor was covered in leather material and the sleeves were wide.

    You don’t get to experience wearing samurai armor every day and you wouldn’t want to miss the opportunity to do! So if you’ll be in Japan by on dates the Samurai Studio is open, make sure to check out their different photo plan offers or make a reservation through their website.
    *The website seems to be closed permanently.

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