Check Out Mister Donut’s Latest Release: the Croissant Muffin!

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  • Having a bite of a sweet treat is always a good choice whenever you’re feeling down or stressed. It has been a common saying that eating sweets during these times will help brighten your mood because of the sugar that naturally gives you a bit of energy, which also can also help make a person happy.

    Even if the sugar content of sweets in Japan may not be as comparatively high as its western counterpart, sweets are still sweets. And the newest treat from Mister Donut Japan might be a good thing to try to lift anyone’s mood. Check out Mister Donut’s Croissant Muffin!

    Mister Donut Japan’s Croissant Muffin

    Mister Donut Japan’s newest item is a creative combination of two delicious pastries. The croissant muffin has the ingredients to make a flaky croissant texture, which are wrapped into a muffin-shaped model and then baked in the oven. The baked layers of the croissant muffin gives it a crisp and crunchy surface while the insides still retains its light texture. The new treats also come in 3 varieties you can choose from:

    Cheese Cream Croissant Muffin

    The Cheese Cream Croissant Muffin is stuffed with cheese cream on the inside, topped off with a mix of crushed old fashion and granulated sugar oven-baked to a crumble.

    Choco Almond Croissant Muffin

    The Choco Almond Croissant Muffin is filled with almond flavored chocolate cream and custard whip, decorated with both chocolate and roasted almonds on top.

    Blueberry Custard Whip Croissant Muffin

    And the last of the three varieties is the Blueberry Custard Whip Croissant Muffin. As simple as its name, the blueberry custard whip is filled with blueberry jam and custard on the inside.

    The Mister Donut croissant muffins will be sold starting from April 6th in the Tokyo and Kanagawa areas only for ¥216 per piece (tax included). If you’re lucky enough to be in the area, make sure to try these new Mister Donut treats!

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