Fantastic Plum Blossom Viewing Spots in Kansai: Don’t Miss These Spots Next February!

  • Spring has finally arrived. Did you miss the opportunity to see the plum blossoms this year, just before spring’s arrival? Have you thought about where to have your plum trees viewing in Japan for next year? If you haven’t yet, then I suggest you head to Kansai region which is considered to be the cultural and historical heart of Japan. Here are some of the places perfect for viewing the plum trees.

    Domyoji Tenmangu

    Domyoji Tenmangu is a large Shinto shrine primarily dedicated to Tenjin, the Shinto god of scholarship. It is about five minutes’ walk from Domyouji Station and holds around 80 variations of plum trees. There is an annual plum festival held when the plum trees are blooming. Along with this, a tea ceremony is also done together with lion dances which symbolize the harbinger of good luck.


    Kitano Tenmangu

    Kitano Tenmangu is another popular place for plum blossom viewing. It is a shrine established in the 10th century and is also dedicated to Tenjin. If you want to check out the plum blossoms in their full glory, you should visit the area from February to March where you can see at least 2,000 plum trees on the shrine’s ground. The plums from the trees are actually harvested, dried then sold at the shrine.


    Hikone Castle

    Hikone Castle is one of the well-preserved castles in Japan. During the spring season, it is surrounded by cherry and plum blossoms which are an enjoyable sight for visitors. There are about 400 plum trees which beautifully paint the ground reflecting an array of red, purple and white colors. The moat surrounding the castle has a lovely boat with which you can float around, making for an even more relaxing viewing from the water.


    Nara Park

    One of the famous attractions in Japan is Nara Park, owing to its heritage sites such as Todaiji and Kasuga Shrine. The arrival of the spring season makes this place even more gorgeous with 250 plum blossoms painting the grounds. What makes plum blossom viewing unique in this place is the fact that you can see them together with the deer!


    Be sure to schedule your next spring vacation in Japan by touring in these places! You get to enjoy the view and the fragrance coming from the plum blossoms!

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