Lexus Releases a Luxury Randoseru School Bag and More!

  • Randoseru is the iconic Japanese school bag which can often be seen sported by elementary school children. The bags are sturdy and large, and they are used to store books and stationery to bring to school. You may even see them sported in comic books such as Doraemon. Just recently, Lexus released this new and luxurious randoseru which is made using the same material used in their sports cars!

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    Lexus is a luxury vehicle division of the giant company Toyota which was founded in 1989 by Eiji Toyoda. The latest randoseru bags are part of the 2016 Lexus Collection and they are made using the carbon fibre materials which have been used in the luxury sports car Lexus LFA. Therefore, you can be certain that this is an ultimate luxury bag that features high-quality materials!

    The Randoseru

    Lexus collaborated with hide k 1896 which is a carbon textile maker in order to create the bags. The bags are available from a selection of 5 colors which are black, brown, navy blue, pink, and green.

    The luxurious randoseru by Lexus comes at a hefty price of 153, 000 yen. Thus, it can be debated if the bags are even meant for children. After all, children are not necessarily aware of “luxury” items, and it is pretty insane to spend so much for a school bag. Well, unless the parents are very rich or want the bag to last a lifetime or at least passed on to be used by several kids.

    Other Lexus Creations

    Other products that are created for the Lexus Collection are a card case which can fit up to 40 business cards, a card and key case to store both cards and car keys, and a box-shaped coin case. The items are priced at 26,600 yen, 16,800 yen, and 19,300 yen respectively.

    The children who receive the luxury bags are really lucky as not many are blessed with such fortune. Those kids would be proud to have something to show off in school!

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