Wrist Cushions Featuring Your Favorite Kawaii Characters Are Here!

  • Sitting upright and resting your wrists on a hard desk while using a computer can be pretty uncomfortable. While the occasional slouch relieves us of some of the back pain from sitting upright, the wrists require a different kind of relief. In Japan, things are usually not only practical but cute as well. Hence, Bandai released these cute cushions for you to rest your wrists on while using the computer.


    This Agumon cushion is the latest addition to this style of wrist cushion by Bandai which includes several styles of a plush toy with a keyboard. Agumon is a tyrannosaurus lookalike from the Digimon series. Despite its cute appearance, it is a Reptile Digimon with a pretty ferocious personality.


    Kapibara-san is a character created by Banpresto. It is modeled after a real life capybara which is so peaceful that it will fall asleep upon being petted by humans. Thus, Kapibara-san has a demeanor which is relaxed and easygoing.


    Funassyi may be unfamiliar to some as it is not a character from a cartoon series. It is actually a mascot character which (unofficially) represents Funabashi city in Chiba. Despite its gentle appearance, the character is into heavy metal music, and it adores Deep Purple, Aerosmith, and Ozzy Osbourne.


    Its name literally means relax bear, and thus, Rilakkuma is a bear that is always relaxing without any worries. He can often be seen with his friends, Korilakkuma and Kiiroitori.


    Komasan is a character from the popular anime series Yokai Watch. He loves ice cream and originates from the countryside. He does not have much knowledge about urban life and he has a pretty childish personality.

    The cute cushions will not only make your wrists feel comfortable, they will also brighten your mood due to their cuteness! If you are not one who cares much about cute characters, you can just use the keyboard cushion which is pretty unique on its own. All of the character cushions can be separated from the keyboard cushions. Each of the character cushions is priced at 5,616 yen, except for the Kapibara-san cushion which is priced at 4,860 yen online. Enjoy the adorable relaxation these will bring!

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