Celebrate the Opening of the Newest Pokemon Center With These Commemorative Goods!

  • The newest Pokemon Center in Kyoto has been operating for more than a week now since it first opened its doors on March 16th and of course, for any new store opening, customers look forward to none other than the commemorative Kyoto-themed goods!

    Now some of us live far away from Kyoto, but we don’t need to travel all the way there just to purchase the cute themed goods! Luckily, they will be coming to us at our nearest Pokemon Centers and Pokemon Stores. Let’s check out what these selections are!

    Limited Kyoto-themed Goods

    Starting off with the themed goods limited only to the Pokemon Center Kyoto includes the sitting versions of the Noble Court Pikachu plushie and the Maiko Pikachu sold for ¥2,400. Followed by the Pokemon Center Logo Pins, metal charm sets, Noble Court and Maiko Pikachu Pins and A4 folders, and a deck of cards ranging from ¥500 to ¥1,250.

    If you visit the Pokemon Center Kyoto, you’ll receive a free illustrated picture card and an mma with a Lugia and Ho-oh poncho-wearing Pikachu for purchases more than ¥4,000. The poncho-wearing Pikachus will also appear at the store every weekend until April 24th at 11 am, 1pm and 3pm.

    Nationwide Commemorative Goods

    舞妓さんピカチュウ #ポケモンセンターキョウト #ピカチュウ

    北村 明寛(@akihiro_0913)分享的貼文 於 張貼

    Now for the remaining Pokemon Centers and Pokemon Stores, they can choose from the selection of the standing maiko Pikachu plushie, the Noble Court and Maiko Pikachu metal charms and pin sets, and also the A4 folders all with different designs from their Kyoto counterparts.

    All Pokemon Centers and stores in Japan will also be offering promotions including:

    Free In-Game Shiny Ho-oh

    Visitors to both the Pokemon Centers and Pokemon Stores bringing their Nintendo 3DS Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire games can receive a Shiny Ho-oh download for free until April 24th.

    Noble Court and Maiko Pikachu Trading Card

    Purchase any 5 trading card game expansion packs from any Pokemon Center or Pokemon Store and you’ll be able to receive the original shiny Noble Court and Maiko Pikachu trading card while supplies last.

    Not only are these commemorative items cute, but you also don’t need to travel far to purchase them! Make sure you drop by your nearest Pokemon Center and Pokemon Stores!

    Pokemon Center Branches

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