All About Sakura in 2017: From Gorgeous Locations to Crazy Items and Food

  • The sakura season is already upon us! In certain regions of Japan, the iconic flower has already begun to bloom, drawing visitors from all over the world. Likewise, our sakura-related articles here on Japan Info have received plenty of visitors as well! For those of you who want to know everything there is to know about sakura for 2017, from the best hanami spots to some of the crazy sakura-flavored food, you’ve come to the right place. Check below for our most interesting sakura articles!

    General Information

    The 2017 Sakura Forecast in Japan: Where to Go and How to Plan *This is old information

    If you were looking for a great roundup of information such as how to understand the sakura forecast, the various types of sakura, different places to enjoy hanami and how to have the best hanami party, this is a great article! It can give beginners a wonderful overview of what to expect in the sakura season! You can also check the recommendations for the best sakura viewing spots in popular destinations like Tokyo, Kyoto and around Mt. Fuji.

    Get to Know the Different Types of Sakura That You Can Admire Every Spring

    Aside from knowing when and where to view the cherry blossoms, it is good to actually know the different varieties of sakura. This article is the perfect guide for that!

    Since the official sakura forecast for 2017 hasn’t been finalized yet, you could refer to the following 2016 articles to have an idea about the bloom as they will pretty much be around the same time:

    The 2016 Sakura Forecast by the Japan Weather Association Has Been Released!

    This article was our first English version of the Japan Weather Association’s sakura forecast! In addition to the forecast information, you can find the predicted sakura front map as well as access to excellent places to view sakura blossoms all across the country!

    Sakura Forecast 2016: The Latest Updates For Every Area of Japan!

    Our second release of information by the JWA! Here, you can find out the differences in blooming dates between leap years and non-leap years. There are also several charts showing visitors when to expect cherry blossoms for every prefecture and its largest cities. If you’re looking to plan your hanami day, this is the one to check.

    Beautiful Viewing Spots

    Now that you have a background about when and where the sakura bloom, and you’ve prepared to have the best cherry blossom viewing, how do you decide where to go? If you want more details on specific spots, feel free to check the articles below.

    10 Wonderful Spots to See Japan’s Cherry Blossoms This Spring 2017

    In this article, you will find 10 places across Japan where it’s recommended to view the cherry blossoms this 2017. Each area has useful information such as estimated average first bloom and full bloom, suggested viewing spots, and other points of interest within the vicinity. Wherever you are in Japan during spring, you are sure to view the beautiful blooms of the cherry blossoms!

    Akagi Nanmen Senbonzakura Festival: Enjoy A World of Sakura in Gunma!

    A wonderful sakura festival in Gunma prefecture is introduced in this article. What makes it special is that visitors can do much more than sit under the trees and admire the cherry blossoms because this beautiful area has even more to offer!

    See Some Early-Blooming Sakura in Kawazu, Just 2 Hours from Tokyo!

    As the title suggests, this article is all about the early sakura in Kawazu. Located on the Izu peninsula which is already well-known in Japan for its beauty, the sakura trees here line the river with their flowers which bloom as early as February! Check this article to find out more about the events they hold and possible tours to join when the next sakura in this area come around.

    5 Famous Spots for Hanami in Nagoya

    Nagoya is a wonderful city with plenty of places to see the iconic spring flower. This article introduces some of those gorgeous spots and how to access them!

    A memorable Journey in Kyoto in Sakura Season

    A fantastic article about the writer’s personal experience in Kyoto in the spring. You can learn all about the beautiful and historic sightseeing spots in Kyoto such as Kiyomizu-dera and see some excellent photos showing off the sakura in the area. For foodies, there is also plenty of information about some delicious treats that are quite famous in Kyoto.

    Relax in a Tunnel of Beautiful Cherry Blossoms at the Enchanting Matsukawa River!

    Toyama is often overlooked by visitors to Japan. This is such a shame as this prefecture has some truly gorgeous destinations. One of the best is the Matsukawa River! Find out about all of the exciting ways to view sakura in this area!

    Enjoy Sapporo’s cherry blossom viewing in May

    For those who might miss the early April cherry blossom season of Tokyo and other parts of Japan, have no fear! Hokkaido’s sakura bloom in May, so if you visit Japan’s northernmost prefecture, there’s still a chance to see them. This article offers info about some of Sapporo’s most beautiful spots for viewing cherry blossoms.

    Koganei Park: Free Entry and Perfect for a Picnic Under Beautiful Cherry Blossoms!

    This article presents a lesser-known park in the Tokyo area that definitely deserves more visitors – especially in the spring! You can learn about the features of the park and surrounding area, which will help you to easily plan hanami here.

    Top 3 Cherry Blossom Viewing spots in Tokyo

    Last but not least, this article introduces three stunning locations in Tokyo to enjoy cherry blossoms. With details about park facilities, night-time sakura viewing, and other fun activities, you will be fully prepared to make the best of hanami season in Japan’s capital city!

    Sakura Food and Drinks

    One of the great things about sakura season in Japan is not only the flowers themselves, but also the seasonal food and drink items on sale! Japan has an endless list of sakura-flavored products and our writers were keen to present them.

    Sakuramochi is a Must-Try in April to Boost your Hanami Experience

    If you are looking for wagashi or traditional Japanese sweets perfect for spring, you ought to try the sakuramochi mentioned in this article. Despite of being a seasonal treat, this dessert is made available every year and can be found almost anywhere in Japan.

    This Sakura Themed Food Is A Little Different From the Rest

    Why don’t you take your sakura experience a level higher by having sakura flower-shaped pasta? Yes, you read that right. Such a thing exists in Japan and it has been greatly raved about. Check here to know more about it!

    Hungry for Sakura-Infused Food? Check LOTTERIA’s Spring 2017 Menu! *No longer available

    How about some cherry blossom-infused mochi pie and a sakura ebi burger? Sounds interestingly delish, right? Both of this and more spring food items are offered by LOTTERIA for a limited time only, so better head to your nearest branch before you miss them out.

    Get Your Hands on These 7 Limited Edition Goodies For Sakura Season!

    And if you still can’t get enough of the sakura treats, check out this article that lists 7 goodies available for the season! From Starbucks’ much-anticipated sakura drinks and merchandise to beer cans adorned with cherry blossoms that change colors, everyone will surely have a splendid springtime.


    Most of us love a bit of “crazy” Japan and yet we also want to know what to do to fit into the polite culture when we visit. These articles present some hanami etiquette as well as some random sakura topics!

    Prepare for the Hanami Season: Dos and Don’ts

    This article is excellent for hanami beginners! It’s easy to forget that some things won’t be exactly the same as they are in our own countries and it’s better to be safe than sorry! Learn about the basic etiquette for where to view the sakura and how to make sure you don’t accidentally break any rules while you do.

    Happy Hanami! Or how to get the most out of Sakura Viewing

    If you were wondering what sort of traditional food you can enjoy during the hanami season as well as other parts of hanami events in the park to enjoy, check this article out.

    Sakura from outer space!

    Quite possibly the most bizarre news of sakura can be found in this article! What happened when some cherry blossom seeds were brought to and from space? It’s all here.

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    Hopefully, you have found all of the information about sakura that you could possibly need! Time is running out to enjoy the famous but short-lived season, so make sure to enjoy the sakura while you can! If you can’t make it to Japan, why not admire from afar with some of these articles? Enjoy!