Auntie Anne’s Japan Branches Have Introduced Delicious Limited-Time Matcha Items!

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  • Good news to those who simply love the pretzels by Auntie Anne’s as there will be new offerings on the menu! Auntie Anne’s has introduced 3 new items, 2 of which will be available for a limited time only.

    Auntie Anne’s

    Auntie Anne’s is an American chain of pretzel shops with headquarters in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. It was founded in 1988 by Anne Beiler and her husband. It now has more than 1500 shops over the world. Like other food chain restaurants in Japan, Auntie Anne’s has also taken a step to up their ante by providing seasonal flavors.

    New Items

    The new flavor incorporates the favorite and oh-so-popular traditional ingredient in Japan, which is green tea! There will be 3 new offerings which are the Matcha Cheese Cake Roll, Frozen Drink Uji Matcha, and Uji Matcha Latte. The Matcha Cheese Cake Roll and Frozen Drink Uji Matcha are available from the 24th of March to the 31st of May 2016 while the Uji Matcha Latte has a permanent place on the menu!

    Matcha Cheesecake Roll

    The Matcha Cheesecake Roll is priced at 420 yen. It has both cream cheese and matcha cream inside. It is also topped with crushed almond. The matcha cheesecake roll is baked in the oven, resulting in crunchy outer texture with a soft inside.

    Frozen Drink Uji Matcha

    The limited-time Frozen Drink Uji Matcha is a combination of white chocolate with Uji matcha. The toppings are green tea powder and whipped cream. The drink is priced at 480 yen.

    Uji Matcha Latte

    As for the Uji Matcha Latte, the green tea is sourced from Tsujiri which is a popular Kyoto tea merchant. The tea is available in both iced and hot versions. For the small size of the drink, the price is 380 yen.

    Do not miss out on trying all three of the new items from Auntie Anne’s! If somehow you are unable to try all of them during the limited time they are offered, you will still be able to try the Uji matcha latte!

    Auntie Anne’s Japan Stores (Japanese only)

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