Animal Lovers In Japan Can Now Sign Their Name With Animal Hanko!

  • Japan is easily known for many things – fantastic food, gorgeous seasons, and impressive transportation system just to name a few. From the ubiquitous animal cafes seemingly on every corner, to pet-friendly parks and even outlet malls, Japan literally has it all.

    However, have you ever heard of hanko? This is someone’s personal stamp. It thus comes as no surprise that even one’s personalized hanko stamp should also honor one’s best four legged furry friend. Introducing animal hanko!

    Cat and Dog Hanko

    To the uninitiated, hanko are personalized markers that one can stamp in lieu of a signature and are legally binding once registered with the local government office. Everything from legal documents (for example marriage certificates, house buying documents) to shopkeepers authenticating official sales, they are everywhere in Japan. However, the newest lineup of animal hanko are ready for use including both cats and dogs.


    Hankoz, a local maker of all things hanko, have introduced their animal lineup that pairs your official signature with your best furry friend. There are even breed specific stamps – and almost every canine breed is represented from toy poodle to bulldog – are available to purchase. They are super kawaii and there is something for every animal lover. This with the cat line already in circulation would be the perfect way to sign your legally binding documents with pizzaz and pet love.

    The same company actually makes a line of combination hanko and pens. The hanko mark is placed on one end of the pen with the writing instrument on the other. This comes in 4 colors and can easily be customized for your daily use. The pen/hanko combo starts at 6,500 yen, quite a deal for this much usable cuteness!

    So if you want an adorable hanko, make sure to check out this company who sells these via their Rakuten store. Happy stamping!

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