Learn More About Japan’s Hot Newlywed Celeb Couple: DAIGO and Keiko Kitagawa

  • More information has just been released about the wedding of hot couple DAIGO and Keiko. Who have been invited to the wedding? And why did DAIGO fall in love with Keiko?

    April Wedding

    Singer DAIGO (37) and actress Kitagawa Keiko (北川景子, 29) have already registered their marriage on January 11, 2016, at 11:11 am. When she was a guest on the TV Asahi ‘Good! Morning’ show to promote her drama, Keiko has announced that they will hold their wedding ceremony and reception on April 29, 2016, at a hotel in central Tokyo.

    According to insiders, their wedding ceremony will be huge with about 400 – 500 guests expected to attend. DAIGO is the only grandson of former minister Takeshita Noboru, so not only their celebrity friends but many politicians are expected to show up to the ceremony as well.

    Although DAIGO is the lead singer of a rock band (BREAKERZ), it seems like the band members have not been invited yet. However, Kyosuke Himuro and most members of GLAY are expected to come, so there will possibly be a live performance by an All-Star band of DAIGO and his friends.

    Moreover, the rumored battle between television stations about the right to broadcast the ceremony seems to have been settled. A veteran entertainment journalist has tweeted, “To broadcast live all the attendees has always been a condition of a celebrity wedding ceremony in the entertainment industry. If this condition cannot be satisfied, there will be no live broadcast.”

    The Wonderful Keiko

    In the same press conference during which the marriage was announced, DAIGO said, “Right when we started dating, we were aiming at marriage. I seriously love her like that. She is truly a wonderful, beautiful, and extremely funny woman. Also, she loves my music. And my jokes? She laughs out loud more than anyone. It does make me feel confident. She is perfect, it feels like I can not match her. There are too many reasons, and if I tell them all, it would take me 24 hours. Keiko’s cooking is extremely good. The taste is just perfect.”

    Are you curious for Keiko’s reaction to DAIGO’s jokes? Watch this video (in Japanese)!

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