Do We Need Weapon Wigs? Inventor Nakamatsu Yoshiro Says Yes!

  • Japan in the land of innovation and safety. From fast speed bullet trains, vending machines that sell everything from bananas to underwear, and one of the safest countries in all of Asia, if not even the world, now comes a weaponized wig for self-defense. Yes, you read that right – a weaponized wig!

    Yoshiro Nakamatsu

    Now who would invent such a thing and why do you ask? Welcome to the mind of 87-year-old Yoshiro Nakamatsu, who has likely been inventing things since before you were born. Per his claims, he has invented the floppy disk, CD and even the DVD. Now comes one of his greatest inventions, if not, at least, the most well-timed. Behold the one and only “mamori kami”!

    The Weapon Wig

    Now this wig was inspired by, of all people, Donald Trump. Mr. Trump is a candidate for the president of the United States with a wide array of supporters and dissenters for some of his controversial views. He calls his invention the “mamori kami” meant to protect our follically challenged friends like Mr. Trump.

    The wig has a small coiled strap that is well hidden inside underneath it. You can take one end of the strap while the other end of the strap contains an iron block. Thus, when confronted by an attacker one can fling it at them. Much like using a common slingshot, except with hair-like attachments. According to the inventor, the strap has the option of spikes if desired. During his press conference which was held at the Foreign Correspondence Club in Tokyo, Mr. Nakamatsu offered several diagrams showing how his wig inventions work.

    Mr. Nakamatsu has over 3,000 patents but this one proves to be the most buzzed about and appropriately timed given the current election cycle. During his presentation, he even tried the wig on to show how it could work. Although likely not as…pretty…to look at as it would be on Mr. Trump, it is definitely buzzworthy. So if you want to see what you would look like in one, don’t hesitate to check out the inventor’s photo below. But be warned: once seen, it cannot be unseen. Happy viewing!

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