Hatsune Miku Marriage Forms: Making Your Documents Cuter!

  • Marriage certificates no longer have to look dull and serious despite the intended nature of solemnity and commitment. Previously, Sailor Moon marriage certificates were introduced and due to them being so well-received, the popular One Piece series also followed suit and released its very own marriage certificates. And now, even the famous Vocaloid singer, Hatsune Miku, will be gracing marriage certificates!

    Miku Marriage Forms

    March 9 is a date is a very special date for Hatsune Miku and her fans. This is because of her name, Miku, which is similar to the words 3 and 9 in Japanese. Thus, on this day in the year 2016, 2 very pretty Hatsune Miku marriage certificates were released. Unlike the One Piece and Sailor Moon marriage certificates, Hatsune Miku has a theme which is really focused on weddings. Miku can be seen sporting beautiful white wedding gowns on the 2 versions of marriage certificates! Thus, they ultimately remind you that they are indeed marriage certificate forms, despite the cartoon motifs. The illustrations were drawn by an artist named KEI.


    The forms are called Hatsune Miku Loving Bride and they will be available in a pink version and a blue version. For the blue version, only Hatsune Miku can be seen from the waist up, while for the pink version, the full body of Hatsune Miku is shown. The forms also feature questions such as your favorite song (of which Hatsune Miku’s song is most likely written down) and also the best thing you like about your significant other.

    Similar to the other series of marriage certificates of Sailor Moon and One Piece, the marriage certificates forms come in 3 papers of which 2 have to be submitted while the other one is to be kept by the married couple. Each set is priced at 3,900 yen. There will be a bonus Hatsune Miku A4 folder for couples whose marriage forms have the order number 3 or 9 at the end.

    Who says marriages cannot be cute? This latest trend of marriage certificates will be revolutionizing the way marriage forms look. Couples can now register marriage forms which feature their favorite characters! Do you hope the trend continues?

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