Buying Cool Japanese Video Games Just Became Easier!

  • Do you love shopping online at Amazon Japan? There is a big chance that your answer is ‘yes’, as it offers vast selections of items that attract many Japan enthusiasts. Many gamers, however, found that Amazon Japan does not really cater to their needs because of its shipping policy, which restricts video games from being shipped to other countries. But there is good news for them: Amazon Japan recently changed its policy, and now allows shipping of video games to other countries!

    Japanese Goods

    The successful branding of Amazon has made it one of the top choices for consumers around the world to shop online. Amazon is so successful that it has actually become the biggest online retailer in the United Sates. Especially for English-speaking customers, other e-shops may seem unfamiliar and hard to use because of language barriers. Thus, people from other countries have been using Amazon Japan for various purposes such as buying comics, food, J-pop CDs, and whatnot, that are delivered to their doorstep straight from Japan.

    However, due to unknown reasons, Amazon used to not allow shipping of video games to addresses outside Japan. This used to be a huge letdown for many video game lovers, as many Japanese video game titles are amongst the most creative and iconic available in the world!

    Only From Amazon Japan

    All that is about to change, as Amazon Japan suddenly changed its stance, and will allow shipping of video games to other countries! However, one thing needs to be kept in mind: this change only applies to video games which are sold by Amazon Japan itself, so it does not apply to other sellers using Amazon for their activities as they are a separate entity from Amazon Japan.

    Despite this, fans are happy that they can finally buy some video games from Amazon Japan at last! Moreover, the change may encourage sellers to extend their delivery service for customers outside Japan in the future. To purchase from Amazon Japan, buyers would need to have an Amazon Japan account, which is separate from the accounts of Amazon sites of other countries.

    Join In the Fun!

    Now customers can shop online for video games from Japan at their own convenience! The familiar structure of Amazon makes it easy to navigate Amazon Japan, even if one does not understand much Japanese. In recent years, the Japanese video games industry has been criticized for being insular (kept within Japan). This move by Amazon can hopefully change that and encourage more video game fans overseas to join in on the fun that is the world of Japanese games!

    You can click here for a more detailed explanation on how to buy Japanese games from Amazon Japan.

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