3 Beautiful Places In Japan to Have a Unique Camping Experience

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  • A long time ago, Japan faced a serious deforestation problem which could have almost turned the country into a wasteland. But over the years, it was able to manage to change unsustainable forestry into sustainable forestry, which even allotted 2/3 of the whole country for forestry alone. Japan has even ranked 3rd in the whole world for forestry which makes tourists take advantage of the many areas as camping grounds. Here are some of the beautiful campgrounds worth visiting in Japan.

    1. HOSHINOYA Fuji

    The first “glamping” (glamorous camping) resort in Japan is known as HOSHINOYA Fuji. It is located on the slopes of a hill which overlooks Lake Kawaguchi near Mt. Fuji. It is actually a hidden resort which provides pleasures associated with camping. It also provides expansive vistas where you can actually have a great view from the comfort of your own cabin. So-called Glamping Masters are present to provide assistance and personal guidance for that delightful glamping experience. There are so many unique activities which have been tailored to suit everyone’s interests as well as specific spaces which can help enhance guests’ appreciation for nature.



    2. Tsutsumigaura Nature Park

    A popular campsite in Miyajima has been attracting many visitors yearly. It can be found in Tsutsumigaura Nature Park which was built to allow the camphor and cypher trees to live as naturally as possible. The site is 10 minutes by bus and 40 minutes on foot from Miyajima Pier.

    Facilities are available at the site such as toilets, fire pits and equipment for camping. You can also rent some utensils if you want. No reservation is needed if you want to go camping but an admission fee is required which is 300 yen for adults (junior high school age and older) and 150 yen for elementary students.

    You can also stay inside a cabin if you want. It can accommodate a family (four members) or a group (up to 24 people). Price ranges from 16,800 yen to 50,400 yen.


    3. Ama Beach Campground & Cabins

    The Ama Beach Campground is located on one of the Kerama Islands in Okinawa which is just next to the beautiful beach. The whole place offers visitors a picturesque tropical view of its white sand. The base fee of the campground is 300 yen per person which is inclusive of using all of the facilities such as toilets, showers, the community kitchen and so on. There is also camping gear which is available for rent. If you don’t have a tent, you can still enjoy camping with an entire cottage to yourself which is about 21,000 yen per night. It can actually accommodate up to 10 people! Each cottage has a bathroom, refrigerator and an air-conditioner.


    What better way to spend your days than to go camping (or glamping) in one of these gorgeous sites in Japan. Which of these areas would you like to visit the most for your next camping trip?

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