Finally! A Super Realistic Tearjerking Final Fantasy XV Is Set To Be Released in 2016

  • The Final Fantasy franchise is a highly successful RPG (role-playing game) game franchise with many fans all over the world. Fans have probably heard about a certain Final Fantasy series that was in production in 2006 but is yet to be released despite the already long wait. The long wait is about to be over, though, as the new series of Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy XV (previously named Final Fantasy Versus XIII), is set to be released in 2016!

    10 Years


    Final Fantasy Versus XIII has been in production since 2006, which means that 10 years were necessary to complete the production of the game! In 2014, Hajime Tabata who was initially the co-director for the game was made the director of Final Fantasy XV, as the previous director Tetsuya Nomura decided to spend his time working on a different game, Kingdom Hearts III. According to the rumors floating around, the release is speculated to be planned for 30th September 2016. Nevertheless, rumors are not very reliable, so you may want to wait until the actual release date will be announced, which should be soon.

    Beautiful Ending


    Tabata stated that with so many hours invested in the game production, there will be a very special ending which will definitely stir up the emotions of the players. The ending is expected to make many players cry! According to Tabata, he wants to create a new Final Fantasy which could rival or be better than Final Fantasy VII. Final Fantasy VII was very popular, it was released in 1997, and it has been regarded as one of the best games of all time ever since.


    The gameplay of Final Fantasy XV features an open-world environment, which gives players a lot of freedom to roam around the virtual world and decide how and when to approach objectives. Moreover, its battle system is action-based, which is reminiscent of games like Kingdom Hearts. The characters of the game are also much more realistic and human-like, unlike the characters in the other Final Fantasy titles.


    Since fans have been waiting for so long, the game will be met with high expectations! As there will be a tear-jerking ending, fans should be ready to be heartbroken upon completing the game. Nevertheless, a sad ending makes a series more memorable!

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