The Winner of Mr. Japan 2016 Has Been Announced: Meet Handsome Champion Yamagishi Masaya!

  • Curious for who is considered the most handsome man in Japan? The Mr. Japan Contest has been held every year since 2013. On the 1st of March 2016, the 4th Mr. Japan Contest has been held in the Chinzanso Hotel in Tokyo to search for the ultimate charming Japanese man. And the champion of the 2016 Mr. Japan competition is… Yamagishi Masaya (山岸将也), a 23-year-old man who was born in Chigasaki, Kanagawa. The winner for the year 2015 was Junpei Watanabe (渡部純平). Read on to find out more about the good-looking guys from Japan!

    Yamagishi Masaya


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    Yamagishi is a great lover of water activities. He has been swimming since the age of 2, and he had won the 3rd place in a surfing competition. At present, he works as a swimming coach and a gym trainer, so he is definitely a sporty type. Among the famous people he admires are actor Ken Watanabe (渡辺謙) and screenwriter Sho Aikawa (哀川翔). He also says that he prefers women with fuller faces, and he has expressed interest to costar with actress Manami Higa (比嘉愛未, pictured below) in the future.

    Mr. International

    As Yamagishi won the Mr. Japan 2016 title, he will be representing Japan to compete in the Mr. International competition, which is scheduled to be held after the summer. He has mentioned that he would like to compete with firm pride on behalf of Japan. Mr. International is one of the largest and most anticipated beauty pageants for men. It was founded in 2006 and its headquarters is in Singapore. In 2015, the winner was Pedro Mendes of Switzerland.

    The Other Contestants

    Now let’s also have a look at a few other contestants who are the runner ups of the Mr. Japan 2016 competition. The first runner up is Sasaki Hirohito (佐々木浩人), who is aged 22 and represents Kumamoto.

    The second runner-up is awarded to 18-year-old Nagata Shoon (長田翔恩, pictured below), who hails from Osaka.


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    The third runner-up was won by Keiichiro Koishi (小石 恵一郎, pictured below), who is 25 years old and comes from Saitama.


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    In my opinion, Nagata Shoon is the most attractive one, and his facial features look as if he might have mixed ancestry. He also looks pretty mature for an 18-year-old! As there is no accounting for taste, do you have another favorite? Who do you find most aesthetically pleasing?

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