Why Were the Gorgeous Flower Fields of Farm Tomita Created?

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  • Colorful crops along with giant fields of lavender line Farm Tomita in Nakafurano of Hokkaido. It is one of the scenic vistas in the region which allows tourists to visit and walk along. Since the start of the cultivation of the lavender for essence in 1958, the farm has actually been selling many of its products from lavender soaps and scented candles to lavender-flavored drinks and ice cream.


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    How the Farm Started


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    The history of Farm Tomita is quite long and started from the Meiji Era. It all started with a man named Tokuma Tomita who started plowing the wilderness of Nakafurano in 1897. In the early years, his grandfather, Tadao Tomita, had already started the cultivation of lavender due to the declining sales of lavender fragrances which strove to compete with the cheaper, imported fragrances. The lavender field was then introduced all throughout Japan and was gradually visited by tourists one after the other. After a while, the farm started launching its first original lavender essential oil followed by “Furano,” the first original perfume.

    The Flower Fields


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    Many flower fields can be found here such as Hanabito Field, Sakiwai Field, Irodori Field, the Traditional Lavender Garden, Spring Field, Autumn Field, Forest Field, Hanabito Garden, Greenhouse and Mother’s Garden. The Traditional Lavender Field was chosen as the location for a photo calendar produced by Japan National Railways which made Furano known nationwide. You can immediately be mesmerized in a purple carpet of lavender spreading over the slope. Reaching the top of the field gives you a breathtaking view of great splendor with the lavender flowers swaying in the wind.

    Another pretty field is the Forest Field from which you can have a spectacular view of the Tokachi Mountains. The dried lavender flowers of the farm are said to have come from this place.


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    The flower fields’ blossoming season is within late June to early August while the best viewing season is from early to mid-July. If you are lucky enough to be in Hokkaido for the summer, would you like to visit this beautiful flower farm?

    Farm Tomita English Website

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