Hotel New Otani’s Gorgeous Garden Will Help You Escape the Metropolis While Still In It!

  • Hotel New Otani Tokyo has an international reputation for providing world-class service and accommodation. It is also known for its Japanese garden which dates back over 400 years. It provides a strolling haven for visitors who want to discover fascinating elements about tradition and heritage. The garden is adorned with antique stones, stone lanterns and pagodas which can be found along the pathway.


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    The History

    A long time ago, a samurai lord named Kato Kiyomasa took the chance to own one of the residences in the hotel’s current location. Later on, when the powerful Ii family started dominating the Shogunate Government of the Edo period, the land was consequently turned over to the ruling family. During the Meiji period, it became the property of the Fushiminomiya family which was then sold to the founder of the hotel, Yonetaro Otani. With the property, Otani was able to establish his own residence together with the garden which has been renovated over time. It was only upon the government’s request to build a hotel for the Olympic games that Otani developed the hotel and made the garden one of the main attractions.

    The Elements of the Garden

    What makes the garden beautiful are the following highlights: Akadama stones, the Stone Garden, fossils, the Seisen Pond and Taikobashi Bridge. The Akadama stones are red in color and are very rare. They were brought from the Sado Island of Niigata Prefecture with the largest stone weighing 22 tons! It is considered to be the largest in Japan.

    The Stone Garden is called “Karesansui” and is decorated with pine trees having different stones which are said to represent mountains. Next to this, a fossil, which looks like a stone, can be found in the pond. It has sat in the place since the 16th century. The Seisen Pond has 350 beautiful koi of various color. You can also find some herons, bush warblers and ducks in the garden. Last is the Taikobashi Bridge, a beautiful red bridge built in a traditional style, which make it picture perfect!

    Over the years, the garden underwent several changes but still maintained its breathtaking appearance. Its beauty has been retained making the garden relaxing and refreshing to visitors who come to enjoy the ambience.

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