The Kanoya Naval Air Base Museum: Showing the Sad Yet Interesting History of War

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  • Kanoya Naval Air Base Museum which is standing on the Kanoya Navy Airbase is a museum devoted to the history of aviation between the time of the Imperial Japanese Navy and the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force (JMSDF). It was established in 1972 where memorial items used for the kamikaze attacks of World War II are displayed to help visitors rethink about the past war and the probability of fighting wars in the future. Below are some of the museum’s highlights and exhibits.

    Highlights of the Museum


    The museum building outside is painted with several aircrafts including 15 airplanes and helicopters used by the JMSDF. The history of aviation is documented on the second floor of the two-story building. It covers the history of Japanese naval aviation from the beginning of its time until the end of the World War II. Going down to the first floor, you will be able to see several exhibits and equipment models previously used in the past by the JMSDF. It includes engines of planes, radar stations and a rescue helicopter which visitors are allowed to climb into.

    The Exhibits

    Primarily represented in the museum’s exhibits are the entire kamikaze operations. This includes summaries represented in charts and maps. The total number of Kamikaze Corps members who died in combat missions are also listed there. Their names are displayed on plaques in a special corner of a room. It is also said that of all deceased members, the youngest age was 16, the oldest was 35 and the majority lies between the ages of 18-24. The exhibit which usually receives considerable attention is the ohka missiles which are also represented in a painting where one Betty bomber is seen carrying an ohka. Other than these, here are other several noteworthy exhibits to see in the museum.

    Since the museum’s opening in 1993, it has continuously received over a million visitors who’re interested in knowing the Japanese history. You can also check out the museum’s website before you visit the place so you get a head’s up before you travel.

    Museum Website

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