Yugokorotei: Enjoy a Gorgeous Onsen and Delicious Lunch in Niseko Annupuri

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  • Yugokorotei is the perfect place to head for a relaxing afternoon enjoying a pork lunch and an onsen in a beautiful setting. Its location in Niseko Annupuri means that it is a great alternative for a day’s rest from the ski slopes of Niseko.

    The Baths

    The onsen, although quite small, has one of the nicer outside baths found in the Niseko Onsen Area. The bath is surrounded by a high wall of boulders that in winter is covered in snow and offers you a glimpse of the forest surrounding it. If it’s snowing you can enjoy the cold contrast of the snowflakes on your head or you can take shelter under the wooden structure that covers part of the bath. It also has different rocks and holes on the side of the bath so you can pick the best spot for you and how much of your body you want to have out of the bath.

    The water is pretty hot in this onsen as it is taken from its source at 56.4 degrees celsius and not modified at all but I still managed to soak for 1 hour so the cold winter air helps make it bearable. If you time your visit right you might even get the bath to yourself for at least part of your time in the onsen. There is also a small inside bath but I would recommend heading straight to the outdoor one.

    Konayuki Ton Ton

    The hotel has its own onsite restaurant for guests of the hotel that opens up for anyone at lunchtime and serves pork from their group’s farm Ecorin Mura in Eniwa (near the New Chitose Airport). The menu is focused on various pork sets with different sides added to their deep fried pork cutlets.

    The basic Tonkatsu Teishoku includes the deep fried pork cutlets in chunky panko crumbs, a massive serving of cabbage, rice, miso soup, a dollop of potato salad and a small bowl of veggies. Other add-ons to this set menu include different sauces including a special miso sauce, Japanese sauce, and the pork served in a rice bowl with egg. You also can help yourself to more rice, cabbage and miso soup depending on how hungry you are. They also serve soft serve ice creams in cones and sundaes that looked pretty tasty. And the best thing about eating here is that you can just pay 100 yen extra to cover the onsen tax and you can visit the beautiful onsen as well.


    Yugokorotei is a Japanese style hotel so it provides everything that the guests of the hotel and any day visitors to the onsen need. In the onsen you will find that shampoo, conditioner and body soap are supplied so you don’t need to bring anything with you other than a towel if you want to avoid the rental charge. Lockers are also supplied to keep your belongings secure, you just need a 100 yen coin to lock the locker and you get it back when you open it again.

    Once you’ve spent enough time in the onsen you can head to the relaxation room complete with free massage chairs, recliners and even a play area for young kids. It’s a great spot to kick back after your relaxing soak. They also have a small souvenir shop and vending machines so you can get a snack to enjoy after the onsen. This onsen also has the longest opening hours for day visitors as they open from 6 am to midnight with last entry being 11 pm so you have plenty of time during the day to head here for a visit.


    Yugokorotei is located in the town of Annupuri and is just a 15-minute walk from the Niseko Annupuri Ski Resort. If you are staying elsewhere in Niseko, you can catch the Niseko United Shuttle to the Annupuri Resort Entrance stop and it is just a 5-minute walk along the main road towards Moiwa resort.

    Yugokorotei Website

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