If You Drop Your Wallet In Japan, What Are the Chances You’ll Get It Back?

  • Even if you have never been to Japan, you have probably heard about what a safe place it is. The rate of crime is fairly low which is great for visitors and residents alike. Many people worry about losing their belongings on a daily basis, let alone when traveling. So, if you are in Japan and you lose something important like your wallet, will you ever see it again?

    A Social Experiment

    The YouTube channel “Monkey Python” conducted an experiment to see if people in Japan really are honest enough to return something! The host of the experiment, Zenim, a young man from Japan himself, walks around Harajuku, dropping his wallet. The Tokyo neighborhood can be a crowded place and is often filled with younger crowds.


    Zenim and crew try to find out how many times the wallet will be returned and how many times someone will take it for themselves.

    How Does It Go?


    Zenim starts off casually walking down the street (with the camera a reasonable distance away). In order not to be too obvious about purposefully dropping his wallet, he reaches into his front pocket, pushing the wallet out of his back pocket.


    As soon as the wallet drops, a passerby notices.


    He immediately picks up the wallet and chases after Zenim in order to return it to him.


    Next, a couple walking by also immediately notices the dropped wallet…


    …and urgently hands it back!

    Zenim then has a few varying reactions. Most of the people he passes are walking alone as well, and go after him to return the wallet.


    One woman notices the wallet, and she doesn’t run after Zenim or pick up, but she still calls out to him, pointing out that he dropped it!


    Another lady, who is walking with her dog also notices the wallet and gives it back at once.

    Things seem to be going extremely well for Zenim in this experiment. After 6 returns of the wallet, the video jumps ahead to the wallet having been returned 11 times! After one more quick return from a person walking alone…


    When the wallet is dropped again, even this couple’s dog spots it.


    And the wallet is once again safely returned!

    So what is the result? Will anyone in Harajuku take the wallet for themselves?


    Nope! Fifteen out of fifteen people returned the wallet to Zenim right away.


    A complete success!

    Safety and Honesty

    We all still want to remain cautious with our wallets, phones, keys and other important items, but the experiment seems to prove Japan is a safe and honest country! Have you ever lost something in Japan and gotten it back? What do you think the results would be like in your country?

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    1. Donna says:

      Living in Japan for five years while serving in the military, I lost my wallet while in Tokyo. A few months later, my wallet was returned to me via someone dropping it off in the mail. It seems that if someone discovers a wallet, all they need to do is drop it in the mail and the post office will hold on to it. I had to call the Tokyo Post Office, but eventually was able to track it down. All of my information was still in it. The only thing missing was about $300 worth in Yen. I considered the person putting my wallet into the mail fair enough trade for the money in my wallet since it did, after all, contain my military I.D. along with my US Driver’s License, Birth Certificate and Social Security Card.

    2. Dharmasiri says:

      I was forgotten my camera at Mt.Mihara in Oshima island last Thursday and I informed to the police at Otaka port soon after I got to know. Less than two hours i was able to collect it from Motamachi police station closes to My hotel.

    3. well I was lost my wallet twice at depstore and then I lost my iPhone and a full of souvenir’s bag at station in japan..but I can got those all back and still intact! that was amazing for me. it nice to know to living in japan is very safety! :D nihon ni wa dokodemo tokoro ni ittemo anzen dakara.

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