Trek Into the Evergreen Forest of Saitama’s Mount Buko This Spring!

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  • Spring is one of the best seasons to go trekking in the Japanese mountains as you have the chance to admire the beautiful spring flowers. Choosing which mountain to go trekking on can be very confusing as Japan is a mountainous country. If you’re living near Tokyo, you can go to Mt. Buko which is a popular hiking area in Saitama. It offers a stunning view of the whole area of Chichibu.


    Mountain Features

    Mount Buko is considered to be one of the strangest looking mountains in Japan. It towers at a height of 1,304 meters and some parts of the mountain look like it has been nibbled by an animal. Nevertheless, it is still regarded as one of the 200 best mountains in the country. It is home to many cedar trees which makes up its lush and evergreen forest. It has also been framed by gray stone terraces which are a notable feature unique to the mountain. These have been stacked on top of each other and are visible up to the top of the mountain front.


    The major component comprising Mt. Buko is limestone which is very significant in building infrastructures like skyscrapers in Tokyo. It is also the reason for the appearance of mining scars which look like terraces at first glance. Since the mountaintop offers a great view of Chichibu, it is often visited by trekkers who want to venture into the forested side of the mountain. There are various hiking paths which lead up to the top. One popular course starts from Yokoze Station to the top which finishes at Urayamaguchi Station. It goes through the following places: Torii Gate, Water Point and Fudo Waterfalls, Great Cedar, Ontake Shrine, Crossing Point, Water Point and Chojayashiki no Atama, Wooden Bridge and the Great Cave.

    For the fun, high-spirited adventurer out there, trekking into Mt. Buko is the answer! With the beautiful views of Chichibu, the mountain itself and shibazakura, whether you hike or not, you can enjoy the surroundings!

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