Shimokitazawa’s City Country City: A Cafe, Bar and Record Store All In One!

  • If you like coffee, pasta, and alcohol, you better check out City Country City (CCC) in Shimokitazawa. It is a popular cafe owned by Keiichi Sokabe, a Japanese rock musician who used to belong to the “Sunny Day Service” band which disbanded in 2000. Since then, he began having a solo career where he also set up his own cafe, which became a favorite hangout place for his fans.

    The Cafe

    City Country City is obviously a charming and clean place with a relaxing ambience. You don’t need to worry if you dislike loud music as they don’t really blast it out loud, instead keeping it at a comfortable volume. Since the cafe is owned by a musician, you can see hundreds of used vinyl records being displayed with some coming from Chicago house to indie rock. These are arranged on the racks which allow diners to select and listen if, by chance, they want to buy. The cafe owner confessed to taking several trips abroad just to seek out the finest in vintage vinyl. Surely, you’ll be able to spot second-hand records to your liking!

    You can also see some signatures adorning the cafe walls made by satisfied customers.

    The Menu

    The menu consists mainly of simple dishes with limited choices of pasta but is well-love by many. The most popular one is the spaghetti carbonara. They cook it well using a quite firm fettuccine with thick sauce and balanced saltiness coupled with a sliced baguette bread. The cafe also serves coffee, tea, beer, wine, and cocktails. Some side dishes are also available and go well with the drinks. The service is also great making the atmosphere totally friendly. The cafe is open daily from 12:00 pm to 1:00 am.

    If you want to come by just to check out the records, you may do so; or you can also enjoy the food and drinks. It would be best if you enjoy both!

    Country City Country

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