Enjoy Sweet and Savory Crepes at These 3 Creperies in Tokyo!

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  • Crepes are flat pancakes which originated in the northwest region of France. These are popularly found throughout the world which can come in different names and adaptations. If you’re living in Tokyo, most of the time, you can see them being sold along countless crepe stalls or creperies. However, knowing which of these places serve the best crepes with good quality ingredients can be very confusing. Here are three of the best creperies you may want to try in the capital city of Japan.

    BREIZH Cafe

    This creperie was the first to introduce galettes and crepes to Japan through a man named Bertrand Larcher. In order to make the best crepes, he invited three crepe chefs from France to do the preparation. He believed that only a person who truly knows how to make crepes can do the preparation of real buckwheat galettes. And to make sure that the result is delicious, the chefs only used 100% buckwheat flour in their preparations. They also included fresh ingredients coming from different places such as French ham, cheese, and vegetables. There are actually many branches of the cafe including Tokyo which you can find in Omotesando.

    BREIZH Cafe Tabelog



    One of the best places in Meguro serving great quality galettes is POPHOT. They serve tasty crepes ranging from simple to savory and sweet ones. Their crepes are soft and crunchy with a variety of toppings to choose from. The crepes are made fresh from high-quality ingredients costing a thousand yen or more each. Service, though, is said to be quite slow as dishes are prepared meticulously. So if you’re in a hurry, this is not the place for you.

    POPHOT Tabelog


    Gelato Pique Cafe

    This creperie is located in Shibuya and centers on a “comfort food” concept by trying to bring a smile to every customer. Ingredients are carefully selected from France and incorporated into innovative food ideas. It only uses the finest Eshirebata which literally makes the crepes uniquely delicious. There are so many kinds of crepes to choose from, both savory and sweet! You can also choose refreshing and delicious drinks to go with your food.

    Gelato Pique Cafe Tabelog


    If you want to enjoy delicious crepes whose taste lingers on your taste buds, you should try these creperies in Tokyo! Aside from this, they’ve been prepared and presented beautifully. They are a feast for your eyes and your stomach!

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