Do You Want Perfect Skin Translucency? Try This Japanese Brand By KOSE!

  • A daily complete skin care routine is a must for every woman from her 20’s on. A perfect way of achieving a beautiful and smooth skin would be to use Sekkisei Skin Care from famous Japanese cosmetic brand KOSE. These products are known for their conspicuous blue bottles and have been trusted and adored for 31 years.

    A Popular Brand

    The Sekkisei brand has been loved since 1985. It has helped many women around the world to achieve a beautiful and translucent skin through the use of oriental herbal ingredients. These ingredients have rarely been used in cosmetic products before, which make these products unique. It has since been cherished by the many who are passionate about attaining a flawless skin.

    With the release of its first bottle more than 30 years ago, women have been purchasing around 5,000 Sekkisei products per day on average! It has also garnered various prestigious beauty awards. It is currently well on its way to becoming the number one whitening brand, both locally and internationally.

    From Mom to Daughter

    Since Sekkisei continues to be trusted by legions of fans, many mothers are passing the tradition to their daughters, and so it creates a cycle where history begins again. In order to keep up with the demands of the modern woman, Sekkisei has continuously innovated its products such as the newly launched ‘Sekkisei Herbal Gel’. It is a multi-functional gel aimed at creating a smooth and snow-like skin. You’ll definitely be able to achieve perfect translucency with just a single use. Prior steps have to be considered before using this product, though, if you want optimal results. You have to make sure to wash your face with a basic daily item, and then saturate it with lotion before you apply the gel.

    Next time you hit the beauty shop, why don’t you look for Sekkisei products to help you enrich and enhance your skin and with it, your total look. In order to know what your skin is pining for you can check out the official Sekkisei page.

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