University Graduation in Japan, and why it is a big deal

  • During spring, university students have graduations all over the country and enter the so-called shakai (社会) – society. Universities hold huge celebrations to welcome students into the society. This might sound strange, since graduates are already at least 22 years old, which means they have already been legally wise adults for at least two years. But not until they graduate university they are considered real members of society, because that is when they supposedly start entering the working world.

    University students start searching for a job(shushokukatsudo (就職活動) in Japanese), at the beginning of their last year in a university. Funny that they do not need to worry if they will be able to pass all finals, since most of Japanese university students will definitely graduate no matter what grades they have (except in med or law school, but that is a different story). The hardest part in Japan is to enter universities. Once you pass all the entrance examinations, you practically do not need to worry, as long as you pay the extremely high tuition fees.

    Then, once they ar accepted to woek, they start again from zero when building up a career. It is a tough working world in Japan, but graduates do not give up and try their best by doing long hours of overwork, especially in their first year of being freshmen.

    An interesting fact is, that like in many other countries, Japanese do not always work in the field they have majored in. Actually, that is not necessary. The important thing is to graduate a university, the better-known one, the better.
    According to the web ranking of universities, Japanese Top universities and their websites are:
    1. University of Tokyo / 東京大学
    2. Kyoto University / 京都大学
    3. Osaka University / 大阪大学
    4. Nagoya University / 名古屋大学
    5. Keio University / 慶應義塾大学
    6. Hokkaido University / 北海道大学
    7. Tohoku University / 東北大学
    8. Kyushu University / 九州大学
    9. University of Tsukuba / 筑波大学
    10. Tokyo Institute of Technology / 東京工業大学

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