Experience Virtual Reality Games With Bandai Namco’s Virtual Reality Zone!

  • With all the advancement and crazes happening involving technology, surely no one wants to get left behind. Gamers, in particular, also want to experience the latest in gaming which is Virtual Reality (VR). But one thing that may hold us back from getting this tech in our homes might be the price.

    Luckily for those living in Tokyo or are planning to visit Japan soon, Bandai Namco has something really exciting in store for us. A virtual reality center is about to open!

    VR Zone Project i Can

    The VR Zone Project i Can is the virtual reality experience center project by Bandai Namco. The project will have 6 games available to try out and is a great experience for fans with a tight budget. Bandai Namco’s goal with this project is to be able to gather feedback from participants for further improvements through the available games.

    Entry to the VR Zone is free, but you have to purchase Banacoins in order to play each game. Price range for the games is from ¥700 to ¥1,000.

    Kyosho Kyoufu SHOW

    In the game Kyosho Kyoufu Show, you’ll have to save a cat while standing on a plank 200 meters above ground.

    Game price: ¥1,000 for 7 minutes.

    Ski Rodeo

    Ski Rodeo lets you experience skiing through a steep cliff of snowy mountains.

    Game price: ¥700 for 6 minutes.

    Real Drive

    Driving a sports car in a circuit through Virtual Reality gives a realistic driving experience to racing enthusiasts.

    Game price: ¥700 for 14 minutes.

    Dasshutsu Byoutou Omega

    This is a horror game in a hospital ward setting where you can play with up to 4 players.

    Game price: ¥800 for 12 minutes.

    Train Meister

    Get to virtually experience becoming a train operator of the JR Yamanote Line.

    Game price: ¥700 for 9 minutes.

    Argyle Shift

    This is a virtual reality cinematic attraction game where you become a robot pilot going to a mecha battle together with a female co-pilot.

    Game price: ¥700 for 7 minutes.

    Reservations to the VR Zone will start on April 8th and the center will open on April 15th until mid-October on the 3rd floor of Diver City Tokyo. Visit the VR Zone for the duration of the project to experience virtual reality while you can!

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