Croquette, the French Dish Loved By Japan Gets Its Own Festival In Shimokitazawa!

  • Whether traditional or foreign-inspired cuisines, one reason why Japan has made a place in the hearts of many people around the world is because of the delicious dishes that have been created over the centuries.

    When it comes to food, Japan loves to add its own character and recreate the whole dish making it more inclined to a Japanese taste. One of those foods, for example, is croquette from France, which became a well-loved and easy-to-eat dish. And for those of you who love croquettes (or korokke in Japanese) as well, be sure not to miss the Shimokitazawa Korokke Festival!

    Japanese Croquette, Korokke

    Croquettes were first introduced to Japan by the French in 1887. Korokke, as it is known in Japan, is a deep fried dish made by mixing in cooked meat with mashed potato, rolled in flour, eggs and panko then fried until golden brown. Korokke is a favorite quick snack of many and it is easily available in supermarkets and even convenience stores with a variety of fillings.

    Shimokitazawa Korokke Festival

    The Curry Festival is a popular event in Shimokitazawa but this time, they are conducting a Korokke Festival! Shimokitazawa is known for its fashion, music, and cultural charms but it is also a gourmet town that has been featured in different tv shows and magazines which became the reason behind the Korokke Festival.

    A total of 101 food and drink shops of different genres in Shimokitazawa will each be creating their own original korokke where visitors can get to enjoy the festival for the limited time event. Aside from that, you’ll also be receiving a free bottle of Suntory’s black oolong tea if you order korokke from any of the participating shops – a great refresher for fried food!

    The Korokke Festival will be taking place from April 13th until April 24th with the opening to be held in the vicinity of Shimokitazawa Station. If you’d like to have a different korokke experience be sure to visit the Korokke Festival and make sure to come with an empty stomach!

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