Sailor Moon Fans: Here’s What You Can Look Forward to at the Chibusa Cafe!

  • Aside from the upcoming new series of Sailor Moon Crystal, you might have heard of the popular title opening an exhibition for its 24th anniversary. Alongside that news is also the collaboration between Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon and the Museum Cafe & Restaurant’s Sun Cafe.

    The official name for the cafe collaboration has been announced and the menu to be served at the cafe will surely excite all Sailor Moon fans. Check out what you can expect at the opening Sailor Moon cafe!


    Opening on April 16th at Roppongi Hills’ Observation Sky Deck, not only will the fans of the Sailor Moon series enjoy the view from the 52nd floor at the cafe but they will also be able to enjoy a variety of special menu items only available there from food to drinks and a dessert selection.

    CHIBIUSA Cafe Menu

    The cafe will be offering a variety of food, drinks and desserts all with different cute and elegant motifs from the Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon franchise.

    Starting off with the Sailor Moon Special Burger at ¥1,600, it recreates the image of Sailor Moon’s Crystal Star Compact item. The Sailor Moon Special Burger is also accompanied with pickles and star shaped potatoes. Other food selections include Tuxedo Mask’s Nihiru Pasta and Sailor Uranus, Sailor Neptune and Sailor Pluto’s Talisman Curry.

    If you need a refresher, you can choose from the 5 selection of Sailor Senshi’s Beauty Charge Juice for ¥850 each which has a base from Chocola BB Joma’s energy drink or the Black Moon’s Cocktail which comes in both alcoholic and non-alcoholic versions.

    Everyone should save room for dessert and try the Tenkuu no Miracle Romance Parfait! You get a generous 4 layered jelly topped off with white chocolate cream, pie, and raspberry sorbet. Or you can also choose between Chibi Usa’s Pudding Ala Mode or Luna’s P-Ball Berry Mousse.

    THE MOON Special Dinner Moon Course

    The restaurant, THE MOON, will also be serving a special dinner Moon Course for the same duration of the exhibition. For ¥10,692, the course includes an Omitsuki cocktail garnished with a crescent moon and the Silver Crystal made into a French dessert.

    The cafe’s duration will also be the same length as the exhibition which is until June 19th. Entrance to the cafe is free but there’s a ¥1,800 fee to get into the exhibition. Fans will surely enjoy the cafe whatever time they visit, so make sure to drop by this wonderful collaboration!

    The Cafe’s Website

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