Fashion Company W@nder Fabric Makes Traditional Kimono Fabric Into Trendy Caps!

  • The cap wearing trend in Japan wasn’t a huge thing until it became a fashion accessory popularized by our friends from the West with New Era leading the brands. Nowadays, walk down the streets and you’ll come to notice teens and young adults with flashy outfits that give off this cool look.

    If you’re one of those people who loves going out with a cap on their head (like me!) then the selection of fashionable caps by W@nderFabric are sure to catch your attention! They use traditional material to create their chic and contemporary items.

    W@nderFabric Caps

    W@nderFabric, a cap manufacturer, came up with a collection of fashionable caps using the silk fabric that is also used for kimono! Kimono in Japan are expensive but their fabrics have a variety of elegant designs and patterns for each wearer. That is definitely what you’ll also get with W@nderFabric’s KimonoObiCap and KimonoCap.


    An obi is what you wear around the Kimono at the waist, and that is the material used for the KimonoObiCap. With various patterns to choose from, each individual can bring out their own style with the glossy texture of the KimonoObiCap.


    Using the Kimono as the material for the KimonoCap, there are also a variety of designs and patterns to choose from just like the KimonoObiCap, only with a less glossy texture. The KimonoCaps are much lighter and more affordable than the KimonoObiCap but it doesn’t mean they won’t stand out!

    The KimonoObiCap and KimonoCap lineup by W@nderFabric are no doubt unique ideas incorporated to what you can sport as a fashion item every day. The price for these beautiful caps is actually quite expensive, though, ranging from ¥8,000 to ¥10,000.

    If you have the budget for it, why not get one that matches your style? There are 100 styles to choose from and you’ll certainly catch attention with this cool and chic Japanese street wear!

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