Need A Man? In Japan Now You Can Rent One!

  • Japan is well known for providing all things convenience – from the ubiquitous convenience stores at every corner that can do everything from paying your bills, buying show tickets, to even shipping items, to those vending machines that sell everything from drinks (both hot and cold), soups, and yes even underwear! Should it really be a surprise that one can rent anything here in Japan, even a man?!

    Rental Royal

    Why yes! Welcome to Rental Royal – a uniquely Japanese company that will let you rent a butler per hour. They can do anything your heart desires – from those pesky chores around the house to just posing as arm candy so you have someone to go out and share meals with, or take to a local event. The newly founded company which just opened up a few months ago has at least half a dozen men ranging in age from 19 years old to 35 years old to choose from, with the goal of helping you out with your every need. The company advertises they can do anything from dates, dinner companion, counselling or even be your karaoke wing man – they will have you covered.

    The Cost

    How much will all of this cost you might ask? For as little as 5000 yen an hour (around 44-45 American dollars per hour) you too can have one at your beck and call. They come dressed in their butler finery: dressed from head to toe in a suit, complete with white gloves and pocket handkerchief, and are ready to fulfill even your tiniest of wishes. Take a look at their website to see not only what they have to offer, but especially who they have available for you! They offer pictures of their butlers along with their profiles.

    So if ever you needed a man to take care of your household or really any companionship need, make sure to check out their website (in Japanese). For your shopping convenience, they accept most major credit cards. Happy browsing!

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