Get to Know the Different Types of Sakura That You Can Admire Every Spring

  • Spring is here and the very thing that reminds you of spring in Japan is sakura flowers. While you are out there admiring the beauty of sakura flowers, you may notice that not all sakura flowers are the same. This is because there are over 200 varieties of sakura in Japan! This article will show you 5 types of sakura flowers so you can learn to recognize the differences!

    Somei Yoshino


    This is the most commonly found variety of cherry tree in Japan. The flowers are nearly white, with only a slight tinge of pink. The flowers have 5 petals and they usually bloom and fall within a week. It was cultivated during the period of Edo in Tokyo.



    These beautiful flowers are also known as the Weeping Cherry, most likely due to the resemblance to weeping willow trees. Shidarezakura is the official flower of Kyoto, thus making it one of the highlights in Kyoto during the spring season!


    Ichiyou means ‘one leaf’. Each blossom of Ichiyou has around 20 to 40 petals. The trees have bright green leaves that contrast beautifully with the flowers which are mostly white in the middle and a slightly pale pink on the outer layer!



    Kanhizakura is a symbol of Nago, Okinawa. The trees strive well in warmer areas. This variety of sakura tree can not only be found in Japan, but also in Taiwan, Vietnam, and China. Due to its appearance, its scientific name is ‘campalunata’ which means the shape of a bell.


    Ukon is perhaps the easiest to recognize due to its yellow hue. The word ‘ukon’ actually means turmeric, which is an ingredient commonly found in Indian cuisine that colors curry yellow. Each flower has about 10 to 20 petals.

    Which among the sakura variety do you think is most enchanting? Take a mental note of the varieties of sakura flowers and see how many types you can spot in Japan! They will make a nice photo collection for avid photographers.

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