These 4 Products Containing Wasabi Will Surely Surprise You!

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  • We all know that wasabi is a side dish on our plate, which is usually served with sushi or sashimi at a Japanese restaurant. Its pungent flavor and a lot of health benefits make it so special that Japanese people even love to use it as a main ingredient in many kinds of food and beverages. Let’s see some surprising products with a spicy wasabi flavor!

    Wasabi Ice Cream

    Chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, raspberry, and mocha are some flavors of ice cream that you may find in any supermarket in the world. The wasabi version of ice cream may look strange to you, but it is really common in Japan. It is produced by a lot of restaurants and some ice cream companies. Some people say that the taste is a combination of sweet and something pungent. Sounds interesting, don’t you think?

    Wasabi Chocolate

    You may find a lot of chocolate bars with the taste of wasabi in Japan. We all know that KitKat is the most popular chocolate bar brand in Japan. No wonder that Nestle also produced a wasabi flavored KitKat especially for Japan! Like wasabi ice cream, the taste is a bit sweet (more like white chocolate sweet) but it still has the specific pungent characteristic of wasabi. Even more interesting, some chocolate makers also mix the wasabi flavor with dark chocolate. If you are on a holiday in Japan, wasabi chocolate might be a very good choice for a gift to your relatives, they will definitely be intrigued!

    Wasabi Beer

    Having a glass of beer after an exhausting day seems like a good idea any day. Instead of drinking regular beer or dark beer, you should try wasabi beer in Japan at least once. Some people say that it is considered as a light beer with the spicy flavor of wasabi kicking in a bit later. Surprisingly, this kind of beer is quite popular in some places outside of Japan as well.

    Wasabi Toothpaste

    Strictly speaking, this is not a food or beverage, but I didn’t want to leave this one off the list. Wasabi is said to have an anti-inflammatory effect because of a substance called isothiocyanate. It is also said to be able to decrease the growth rate of bacteria. Japanese people use these benefits in a toothpaste so it will help reducing the number of microbes inside the mouth. The taste might be a little bit spicy but it is worth it, as it is very good for your oral health!

    Those are some products, which use wasabi as their main ingredient. If you are a big fan of wasabi, surely those products are now high on your must-try list. But if you are not, those products can help you enjoy the benefits of wasabi without you having to eat it raw. Like it or not, these products are worth a try!

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