Discover the Most Fascinating Sights in Asago, Japan’s Hidden Gem City

  • Near the center of Hyogo Prefecture is a city which possesses beautiful nature with rivers and mountains. It is inhabited by more than 33,000 people who are living in a place with a great amount of historical and cultural sites. It is a wonderful place to experience the history, culture and food of the Japanese countryside. Let me take you on a tour of four of these fantastic places located in Hyogo’s city of Asago.

    Takeda Castle Ruins

    This is probably the most popular destination for most tourists. Despite being in ruins, it is considered to be an impressive castle. Takeda Castlewas built by Ohtagaki Mitsukage in the path of aggression between the Harima and Tajima regions. It has an altitude of 353 meters which makes it seem as if the castle and its grounds are surrounded by a sea of clouds. It was hence given the name “floating castle in the sky.” It is one of the must-see sights for first-timers in Hyogo.


    Ikuno Silver Mine

    Another famous tourist spot is Ikuno Silver Mine which is also known as “Tenryo” (shogunate control) considering that it was the main financial support for the Tokugawa shogunate’s wealth. It is an industrial heritage site of Japan which originally produced coal, lead, gold and silver. It ceased its operations in 1973 and was converted into an educational center.


    Asago Art Village

    Asago Art Village has a museum dedicated to providing a new space for art. Most of the exhibits are permanent such as the works of Toshio Yodoi, a Japanese sculptor who was a pioneer of Japanese modern and contemporary art. The museum is located in front of a huge rock-fill dam consisting of an indoor exhibition area and an outdoor sculpture park.


    The Road of Ores

    Since ore mining was popular in Japan during the Meiji era, a special road was built for the sole purpose of carrying ores. It has been called the “Road of Ores” and has been considered as one of the 33 Japanese Industrial Heritage Sites.


    So if you’re hoping to visit the beautiful city of Asago, take further notes on these historical sites. You will have easy access to the natural environment and magical scenery which are definitely some of the best hidden gems in the country.

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