Need Some Dog Love? Go to Dog Heart Cafe in Tokyo for a Cuddle or a Walk!

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  • One of the things that japan has in abundance are cafes of all sorts ranging from regular cafes to owl, rabbit, and the already quite famous cat cafes. One type cafe is not so well-known but still quite popular: dog cafes. Because of the lack of space in many Japanese city houses and apartments, and strict rules for keeping pets in apartments, dog cafes have become a hit amongst city dweller animal lovers.



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    One of the most popular dog cafes is called the ‘Dog Heart’ cafe, located near Yoyogi park in central Tokyo. This small place is a heaven not only for dog lovers but very importantly also for the dogs themselves. Here you can meet several breeds of dogs that will be greeting you while wagging their tails upon your entry. For 950 yen you can spend 30 minutes with the cute fur babies, and you can also choose to pay 3,600 yen to walk one of them at the nearby park for an hour. Weekends are usually busy for the dogs, where families would get a dog and walk together at the park, or lovers who wish to spend their date with a dog for a long walk will rent a dog for an hour.

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    One of their most popular dogs is Rina the yellow Labrador, she likes to lay her head on your lap and hold your hands. These dogs actually long for affection and time, whenever someone comes in they would greet them happily and in my observation they all love to go for a walk. You can also just sit with them and pet them at the cafe, drinks are not included in the package but you can buy some dog food to feed your favorite pup or the whole pack.

    So, whether you are missing your pet back in your home country, or you feel in need of some pet therapy, go and visit these little fur babies at Dog Heart cafe! And if you have some extra money to spend, make them happy by taking them for a walk in the park. Give them an extra cuddle from me!

    You can click here for their homepage (in Japanese).


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