You too can become a geisha or a ninja! Selection of 5 Experience Tours to try in Tokyo

  • The Japanese culture has many unique aspects to it – here we will present a selection of tours that allow you to actually experience them.
    Wouldn’t you like to turn into a ninja and try throwing knives, or walk on the streets wearing a kimono?
    If you try these experiences, you may become even more knowledgeable than the Japanese themselves!

    Be a Ninja: Learn Five Basic Techniques

    Find your inner ninja with this hands on experience.
    This hands-on experience will teach you the basics of ninjas meditation and five basic techniques!
    Wear Ninja outfits and get into the role.
    You will learn the heart of being a ninja and the tradition.


    Tsukiji Fish Market Private Walking Tour

    See the world’s most famous fish market and try the freshest sushi Tokyo has to offer. No Japan trip is complete without a taste of the famous sushi from Tsukiji fish market.
    The english speaking guide will take you to the bustling tsukiji market.
    This is the private tour for you.
    You might be able to see huge tuna being cut down.
    There are a lot of delicious sushi restaurants and you can try one of them at the end of the tour.


    Learn how to Make Traditional Japanese Food

    You can learn how to prepare a Japanese set meal based off of the Ichiju-Sansai (一汁三菜)concept, which consists of rice, soup, a main dish and sides.
    I plan menus with a seasonal ambiance using seasonal ingredients based around the concept of Ichiju-Sansai.
    For example;
    Menu1: Chirashizuhi (main), Tempura(side), Osuimono(soup), Dango(dessert)
    Menu2: Hand-made Udon(main), tamago-dofu(side), Fried pork with grated cucumber (side), matcha sundae(dessert)

    Japanese cuisine has recently been included on UNESCO’ Intangible Cultural Heritage list.
    It provides well balanced nutrition and comes in a beautifully colored presentation. So I want it to become better known outside of Japan.


    Become a Geisha Experience in Tokyo

    Do you want to see what it takes to be a Geisha? In becoming a Geisha, you will get a full makeover! With professionals helping you dress and apply Geisha makeup, you will get a glimpse into Japan and discover a whole new you.

    Features a 2.5 hour make-up, hair styling and outfit rental.
    Select a beautiful kimono from over 20 options!
    Have your pictures taken by a professional photographer after you are fully dressed. Take home a CD with the pictures!
    Highly recommended by past customers who described the experience as “wonderful”, “the highlight of my trip”, and “memorable”.
    Valid all the way through December 31st.


    a close-up view of Sumo training!

    See sumo stars close up, much closer than at tournaments.
    Learn about the historical roots of Sumo.
    Gain a deeper understanding of Sumo rituals.
    Guidance to and from the stable.
    * Potential photo opportunities after the training.


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