The Best Places to Mingle With an International Crowd in Tokyo

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  • Tokyo is one of the best places boasting some of the world’s best nightlife where both Japanese and non-Japanese come together to mingle. Roppongi is particularly a place where expats, military, and tourists who are eager to loosen up and socialize are kicking things off every weekend for some crazy fun and wild action. Here are some of the places you may want to try in case you wanted to mingle with a foreign person in Japan.


    A971 is a high-class yet casual bar and restaurant located at Tokyo Midtown in Roppongi, which is the main nightlife district in the city. It consists of a cafe and bar on the first floor and a dining and lounge area on the second floor. What happens is, it turns into a cafe in the morning serving lunch and desserts while into a bar in the evening with several DJ events. The second floor, on the other hand, is the perfect place to find different food selections from around the world. Large-scale parties such as weddings and such can be hosted there as well.


    Hob Goblin

    If you’re after British pub in Tokyo frequented by non-Japanese people, you better head to Hob Goblin. This is also considered to be the largest pub in Tokyo which has strongly lived up to its reputation. It gives an impression of Britain with beautifully polished wood adorning the whole place from top to bottom. The restaurant can seat up to 60 people and has a large darts area which is free of charge. It also has a bar area with a vast selection of different beers from around the world.


    Motown House 1

    Motown House 1, which is a standing bar, is normally crowded with foreign people and young Japanese who love dancing and beer. Some people come to this place because of its outstanding 15 classes of beer products without charging anything for service. You may also try drinking whisky, wine, cocktails and the like. It is also just 2-3 minutes on foot from the subway exit of Roppongi.


    So whether you’re desperate to let loose, find a date or simply have fun, you can head to these places in Tokyo. Meeting new people, especially a more international crowd, is made easier when you visit these bars and nightlife spots!

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