Brighten Up Any Day With Kami Fusen: Japanese Paper Balloons

  • A Japanese traditional paper balloon called kami fusen has long been used in Japan for several events and gatherings. They are very colorful and come in different shapes and sizes. These fun balloons can also be used as toys for children. They actually emerged as an alternative to the very popular rubber balloon. They can also be used as room decorations and are also perfect for summer!

    Emergence of Kami Fusen

    Kami fusen emerged in the 1890’s. Rubber balloons were so popular at that time that many children wanted to have one. However, the cost was quite expensive and, therefore, most poor people couldn’t afford them. A story has been told about its origin that the wives of the fishermen created these balloons during the winter as a toy for their children. During summer time, it became a popular plaything for the younger people. It spread so rapidly that it caught the attention of some Japanese manufacturers in the early 1920’s. They started producing several kami fusen and have since continuously done so.

    How to Use the Balloons


    Kami fusen can be easily inflated and deflated. They can be flattened and blown up over and over again. They are made of bright, crisp and environmental paper which forms a circular shape. As a toy, the idea is to blow air into the kami fusen (there’s a hole in it) and keep it floating in the air by hitting it with your hand.

    Aside from being a simple toy, they can be used as a beautiful decorative work which one can hang from the ceiling. There are also several designs ranging from flowers to animals. If you are in need of a party decoration, you can buy many of these and they can immediately brighten up the room!

    These unique Japanese balloons can be very exciting for you and your children this coming summer time. The paper balloons are colorful and charming enough to brighten up anyone’s day.

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