This Lolita Fashion-Inspired Accessory Is Not What You’d Expect!

  • They say that fashion comes and goes, but the fascination with lolita fashion does not seem to be ending any time soon. If you are into lolita style, you may find this lolita-inspired accessory interesting.

    Lolita Fashion

    Lolita is a popular street fashion in Japan which is based on Edwardian and Victorian clothing. Some of the prominent and recognizable lolita styles include Gothic Lolita and Sweet Lolita. Gothic lolita or GothLoli is characterized by darker fashion and makeup. As for sweet lolita or ama-loli, the style is cute, childlike, and tends to feature pastel colors. Whether you are into Gothic Lolita or Sweet Lolita, there is a suitable kitchen knife for you!

    Lolita Knives?

    The kitchen knives are a work of art by Takumi Armory which specializes in creating weapons for cosplay purposes. They are available in 2 designs which are Lappin and Juliette.

    Lappin (pictured above) takes on a more cutesy design reminiscent of the sweet lolita style. It features a heart design on the blade. The holder is striped in pink and white with a cute bunny head at the base. The price of this cute knife? A whopping sum of 168,000 yen.

    As for the Juliette knife that is gothic lolita inspired, it features a large butterfly design on the top of the knife and also rose motifs on the blade. The handle of the knife is covered by lace. The Juliette knife is more expensive than the Lappin knife at 198,000 yen.

    How to Get One

    The knives are made only when orders are placed, which contributes to the high prices. Due to the hefty prices of these knives, it may not be such a good idea to actually use the knives to chop ingredients. If you want to get one of these knives, you can place your order here and look forward to waiting about 2 months for your knives to be created!

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