Nogizaka46 Fans, Are You Ready to Date the Girls In Their First Mobile Game?

  • If you are familiar with AKB48 and its sister groups, then you probably know how popular this girl group is in Japan. They not only produce songs and photobooks but they also have romance and music games that you can play whenever you have free time.

    Now, AKB48’s official rival group, Nogizaka46, is set to release its very first mobile game which many fans of the group can look forward to. Well, if you’re one of those fans, better choose your oshimen (favorite) and enjoy the game!

    Nogikoi~ Sakamichi no shita de, ano hi boku wa koi wo shita~

    Just announced this March 23rd, Nogizaka46’s first mobile game entitled Nogikoi~ Sakamichi no shita de, ano hi boku wa koi wo shita~ or Nogikoi (abbreviated version), is set to be released this coming spring. The game will join the ranks of the Confession Adventure RPG genre which is popularly used with idol-related games like AKB48’s and will be available for iOS and Android, as well as in GREE’s browser version.

    Gameplay and Setting

    The game is a school type setting which will take place at the newly established Shiritsu Nogizaka Gakuen. All 37 members of Nogizaka46 are attending this school and the player is the one and only male student enrolled. At times, the player is the manager and classmate of the girls, supporting their activities with the game’s goal of deepening the relationship. Each member also has confession movies prepared at the end of the game’s love story.

    The phase begins from being classmates to friends, gradually deepening the relationship from “under boyfriend” to the “official boyfriend” label. It has also been hinted that a rival will also appear once you’ve become the official boyfriend. You’ll also be able to receive in-game movies and convertible emblems if you place in the weekly live battle ranking too.

    The game’s site is now accepting advance registrations with counts now exceeding 100,000. A Twitter campaign is currently being conducted where you can receive present campaigns, original in-game goods, and currency.

    I was one of those who played the AKB48 games but as a fan of Nogi’s Sakurai Captain, Nogikoi is something that fans should try out. The game is only available in Japanese, but if you’re aiming to boost your Japanese skills then these types of game will help you along the way!

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