Did You Know These 4 Interesting Facts About KFC Japan?

  • Kentucky Fried Chicken or simply KFC is one of the most popular fast food chains in the world. It was founded in 1930 by Colonel Harland Sanders and now has more than 18,000 outlets worldwide. But did you know that KFC Japan is quite unique compared to other KFC’s around the world? Read on for 4 interesting facts!

    The KFC Buffet

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    In November, 2015, one KFC shop in Lalaport Expo City Osaka opened a buffet restaurant where you can enjoy a KFC style buffet for 90 minutes. Buffet prices for adults depend on the time of the day, children get a discount, and children under 4 can dine for free. With over 60 items on the menu, you can enjoy a variety of food. Come hungry and leave satisfied!

    KFC Chicken for Christmas

    It is a custom for many Japanese people to get in line at KFC during the Christmas period. It all started in 1974 when KFC Japan introduced “Kurisumasu ni wa kentakkii!” or “Kentucky For Christmas!” as an advertising campaign. The campaign became a big hit, and it still makes December 24 and 25 the days for KFC’s highest sales of the year every year. Ever since that campaign in 1974, a Christmas in Japan will not be complete without KFC on the table!

    No Steamed Rice or Gravy?!

    Many people in Asia love to eat fried chicken with steamed rice. However, at KFC Japan, you can only enjoy your chicken with mashed potatoes, salad, fries, or biscuits.

    Gravy is a known partner of chicken that can add a little bit of flavor. But in Japan gravy is not popular, so if you want to put something on your chicken, you may want to use ketchup instead.

    Great Coffee

    KFC Japan is a perfect place to go for coffee lovers, travellers on a budget, and people who just need a quick caffeine fix. They don’t just offer soft drinks, tea, and juices, but coffees as well. Tasty Cafe, American Coffee, Caffe Latte, and Caffe Mocha are currently on the menu.

    Are you planning to visit Japan soon? Don’t forget to download the KFC app on your smartphone. You will have access to discount coupons, a picture editor, and a KFC branch locator.

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