The Evolution of the Nintendo Game Boy

  • When Nintendo released the Game Boy in 1989, no one would have ever believed the impact it would have on the worldwide market. It didn’t only make it practically into every kids playroom, it also became a cultural phenomenon.

    Some of you might remember it from your own childhood, from older siblings or you might be more familiar with the current model, the Nintendo DS. Similar to Sony’s Walkman (suddenly you were able to hear music on the way, without sharing it publicly), children were playing it everywhere and even adults got crazy about it.
    The innovative gameplay and the convenient mobility made it possible for children to enjoy good games over and over.

    It also paved the way for other handhelds, like Sega’s Game Gear and Wonderswan by Bandai, which both could not win the fight of market share and soon stopped production.

    Today, the old Game Boy already became forgotten and its successor, the 3DS, is the current newest model of Nintendo’s handheld devices. But do you remember the models in between, like Game Boy pocket, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advanced?

    The DS is basically two Game Boys combined, with a touch panel, in color and with, of course, better graphics.

    It is no surprise that the best-selling game for the Game Boy was Tetris, with 35 millions copies sold, but did you know, that Pokemon Games are ranked second? With almost 24 million copies sold for the red and blue edition, it passes Super Mario Land, which sold “only” 18 millions copies. In comparison: Best-selling PC game worldwide is mine craft, with also 18million copies sold.
    In total, more than 500 million games were sold for the Game Boy and Game Boy color combined.
    Isn’t that incredible?

    The popularity for handhelds is not fading, today more than 900 million games for DS have been sold, soon reaching the 1 billion mark!