4 Tasty Ways to Enjoy Potatoes with a Delicious Japanese Twist!

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  • Potato is considered a major staple food around the world. It doesn’t have a strong taste, so it is easy to adopt it into various recipes. Even in Japan, you can find various styles of potato dishes! Here are 4 types of potato dishes to try when you find yourself hungry for carbs in Japan:

    1. Korokke

    Korokke means croquette and in Japan, it is basically deep-fried potato cakes that have been coated with Japanese bread crumbs (panko) to give it that crunch after deep-frying. Korokke is popular all over Japan which makes it a cheap and easy potato snack for on the go. There are also various flavors such as curry, cheese, and pumpkin.

    2. Imo mochi

    Imo mochi or potato mochi is a traditional dish of Hokkaido. This cuisine was invented when the people in Hokkaido used potatoes and pumpkins instead of glutinous rice crop to make mochi. This is because more potatoes and pumpkins were produced, unlike the glutinous rice crop. There is also a type of potato mochi that has melty gooey cheese inside it. Imo mochi can easily be found at most souvenir shops in Hokkaido.

    3. Miso Kanpura

    Miso Kanpura is a potato dish which involves boiled potato and Kon-nyaku with miso paste. This dish is very famous in the Fukushima Prefecture so you will find it in abundance there. It has a sweet and salty taste which makes it a delectable snack to be eaten anytime!

    4. Jaga bata


    Jaga bata or butter potato is basically just steamed potato with butter, salt, and soy sauce. Since it is very easy to make and find the ingredients, you can try making it yourself at home! As long as you have really good butter, the dish is certain to turn out fantastic. Jaga bata is a popular dish in Hokkaido and has become a pretty popular street food, so be sure to look out for this one!

    The potato dishes or snacks above are really delicious and is a must for potato lovers! I bet many may have already tried Korokke while in Japan, but some of the other snacks may be unfamiliar to most visitors, so give them a whirl if you come across them on your travels!

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