3 Simple but Delicious Sweet Potato Dishes to Try when Visiting Japan!

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  • Japanese sweet potatoes are very delicious, I kid you not! If you love sweet potatoes or are still yet to discover the goodness that this delicious root vegetable provides then make sure to give your taste buds a whirl with some of these popular sweet potato dishes while exploring the Land of the Rising Sun.

    1. Yaki imo

    Yaki imo is baked Japanese sweet potatoes. It is the simplest way to enjoy the goodness of sweet potatoes. However beware, it tastes so delicious that you may find yourself craving it again and again. Also, it’s a popular dish that comes to mind in winter.

    The traditional way to make yaki imo is to rake up dry leaves to be used for burning. After that, the sweet potato is wrapped in aluminium foil and cooked on the burning leaves. Generally, yaki imo is served with milk in Japan.

    2. Satsuma imo gohan

    Instead of eating only plain rice, why not jazz it up a little by adding some sweet potato? Satsuma imo gohan is sweet potato rice. Again, this is a simple dish but it is sweet and delicious! The sweet potatoes just add that subtle sweetness.

    Usually, regular rice mixed with mochigome (glutinous rice used to make mochi) is used but you can use other types of rice as well. Some even add a little bit of sake into it, and the rice can be used to make onigiri too!

    3. Daigaku imo

    Daigaku imo are deep fried sweet potatoes glazed with sweet syrup that gives it a glossy appearance. Besides that, the dish is topped with a sprinkle of black sesame seeds. Daigaku imo actually translates into English as ‘university potatoes’ and it is said that the dish was named accordingly because it was a favorite among university students in Tokyo in the 1900s. This is a popular snack that can be found at food stalls and school festivals during the autumn season.

    The dishes above are pretty easy to make. If you can get hold of good Japanese sweet potatoes, you can easily make the sweet potato dishes at home. However, to get the authentic Japanese taste, try them on your travels throughout Japan!

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