Check Out This Lifehack for Cooking Your Delicious Japanese Noodles Quick and Easy!

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  • Udon (noodles) is a staple dish in Japan which is immensely popular, especially in the Kagawa Prefecture on Shikoku island. Udon shops are almost everywhere, you can find them in places ranging from train stations to airports and even in the middle of the rice paddies. But if you’re craving udon while at home and not feeling like venturing out, you can always do it by yourself, and all you need is an electric kettle!

    How to Use the Electric Kettle

    An electric kettle is normally used to boil water for tea, hot choco, and coffee. But it turned out that it can also be used for making instant noodles. Normally people spend quite some time making noodles which can be frustrating if you’re hungry and just want to eat your noodles fast: you have to boil the water in a pan, toss the noodles in, and stir the pot constantly so they don’t stick together. It takes even more work if you make the noodles from scratch.

    But there’s a much quicker way to do this. First, you have to make sure you have an electric kettle at home. You then put in the necessary amount of water together with the uncooked noodles. Then press the button and after a few moments, they’re done!

    Kettle Size

    Making instant noodles using an electric kettle may be convenient to do but you have to consider some things, such as the size of the kettle. If you happen to use a normal sized one it will only be capable of cooking one serving of noodles at the same time. A larger one can prepare 2 servings. Also, since the kettle hasn’t been designed for cooking noodles it is always best to clean it by putting some dish washing liquid with water in and flushing it after a few minutes before you put it away. This will prevent udon residue from sticking to the inside of your kettle.

    The resultant noodles are claimed to have exactly the same taste compared to the ones that were cooked in the traditional way. A busy person will welcome this lifehack into his or her life, especially when hungry! And those who live in Kagawa will no longer take time looking for the best udon restaurant, but just make it themselves at home instead!

    Making noodles with an electric kettle will surely make cooking easy. Enjoy your meal!

    2017 UPDATE: T-fal, the kettle maker made an official announcement/warning that it is really dangerous to make Udon this way. Find out more information here

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